Assistive Learning Needs

IEP Support

An IEP (Individualized Education Program) is document that is developed for each public school child with special needs in education. It is a blueprint for the individualized special education and related services to meet the unique needs of the child. Although the IEP is implemented at no cost to parents, it is created through a team effort and reviewed periodically—which means that it is both labor-intensive and that it demands cooperation from many different school administrators, as well as the student and his or her parents. The Capabilities team has negotiated countless IEPs, both securing them for students with special needs and making sure teachers follow through on the special education experience outlined in the IEPs. If your child has needs that might necessitate an IEP but does not have one, please reach out to us.

504 Support

Similar to an IEP, a 504 is a plan for how a child will have access to learning at school, and it is provided at no cost. It provides services and changes to the learning environment to meet the needs of the child as adequately as other students. Although parents may not request a paid IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation), an outside evaluation will help get this process in motion. 504 plans can ensure each student has the classroom accommodations needed to address learning disability or attention issues.

Learning Disabilities

All of our students with disabilities are protected by law and thus legally entitled to the above documentation where they are eligible. For more information on the differences between the 504 and IEP documentation and the laws that protect them, click here.

Student Advocacy

We support all of our students in getting the support they need.  Click here for more detailed information.

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