Data-Based Instruction

What is data-based instruction?

Data-based instruction uses intake evaluations that we measure against national standards.

We utilize tests from the New York State Board of Education, which bases end-of-year examinations on national standards. When the tests are graded, this helps us hone in on what each student is missing from his/her daily instruction.

Why is data-based instruction important?

In order to identify gaps in instruction, supplement classroom instruction that has not yielded subject mastery, and build up each student’s base, we assess baseline knowledge. This eliminates unnecessary guesswork and maximizes instructional time, yielding exponential student growth. It also gives us a standard against which we measure students’ progress!

How will data-based instruction help my child?

Data-based instruction allows our practitioners to teach specific, targeted, and necessary skills to all of our students. This way, we will maximize our students’ growth. Keeping this philosophy in mind, our staff focuses on the educational needs of our students, and the data these tests accrue assist us in laying the foundation for each student.

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