Student Advocacy

What is Student Advocacy?

Learning advocacy is the act or process of supporting proposals to help students with disadvantages. It takes many forms, most commonly ensuring each child is receiving the appropriate services. In order to advocate for yourself, your child, or your student, it is important to be educated about physical and learning disabilities. Then, a collaboration is possible between parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Why is Student Advocacy important?

Often, a child is legally entitled to protection under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the American Disabilities Act, but the parents or guardians are uninformed about their rights or unable to effect change in the approach to the child’s education.

Capabilities can help identify problems, determine the appropriate documentation, and ensure that the right personnel at school are doing their part in implementing documentation and following up on those promises. Often, it takes a well-placed phone call, email, or even a meeting to set this in motion, and we have advocated for many children to guarantee they have what they need to reach academic success.


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Identifying and Advocating for Student Needs