Test Preparation

Test Prep

How is your Test Prep different than other tutoring centers?

Preparing for a test can take many forms. Standardized tests require a different set of skills and strategies from standard in-school assessments. Capabilities tutors use a completely unique, evidence-based, and targeted system that Val developed over years of practice and analysis. It includes multiple aspects of learning: knowledge of test format, knowledge of content, and building endurance. We aim to fight brain fatigue by developing schematics that are easy to remember and to employ again and again. While it helps you be successful on your test, the real focus is on giving students life-long skills for success.  What you learn at Capabilities will serve you in any setting on any test.

What are the three steps you use for Test Prep?

Your first test prep step is knowing the test, so you can strategize on how to tackle it.  This includes what is written on the page as well as what isn’t.  You do not approach all subject sections the same way, nor do you have to answer the questions in the order they are presented. Val will show you how to break down the test to keep your confidence and brain power high to the very end.  You will also need to know how to pace yourself; therefore, we emphasize time management to make sure your strongest subjects are completed first and with the fewest mistakes. Understanding the test, and using research-based methods to approach each question, will help you earn your highest score possible by fighting brain fatigue and making you virtually error-proof.

While practicing, you will be accumulating valuable data for the tutors to work with.  Therefore, your second test prep step is identifying your strengths and weaknesses, which will help your tutors identify areas of focus for assistance.  Focusing on areas of concern will increase your content knowledge, thus maximizing your score potential! No student is alike, and we tailor the instruction as much as possible to give each student the chance to get the highest score possible.

Your final test prep step covers building testing endurance, resulting in confidence throughout the test and, as a result, significantly higher scores.  Just as a marathon runner works up to and beyond 26 miles, so too does a test taker work from a few sections up to an entire test.  You don’t practice a full test just once.  You must complete a full test multiple times until you know you can do it.  Confidence is imperative in success on standardized tests.

What age groups do you work with?

Our tutors are qualified to work with students of all ages. Once your needs are assessed, you will be assigned the tutor best suited for your needs.

For which tests have you had success preparing students?

At Capabilities, we have documented success preparing students for high-stakes tests.  If you or your child is struggling in any of the areas below, don’t waste time contacting us.

Early Childhood Test Prep
AP Exams
ACT Test Prep
SAT Test Prep
GRE Test Prep

We can help you succeed.  Just take a look at our Proven Results section, and we hope the numbers will speak for themselves. Take advantage of our contact form on the right side of this page.

We can help you succeed.  Take advantage of our contact form on the right side of this page.

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